Kidnap for Ransom (K&R)

Steelix Kidnap for Ransom consultants are qualified professionals, with extensive operational experience within this complex and highly specialised arena. Should an adverse incident emerge, our clients can be reassured that they have expertise at hand to manage, guide, advise and direct proceedings right from its inception to its conclusion. Steelix consultants collectively have a vast and wide ranging experience both within the commercial and private setting, nationally and internationally, from law enforcement and military backgrounds. (Please also refer to K&R Protective Services and Development/Training sections)


Cyber Security Consultancy

Steelix Cyber consultancy not only have a wealth of professional experience but take great pride in being at the very forefront of innovative cutting edge emerging trends and developments within the information technology arena. Over the past decade cyber security attacks have become increasingly complex due in part to the emergence of an illegal black market around the personal information that can be obtained from businesses, governments, and members of the public, and a growing realisation that valuable intellectual property can be stolen from IT systems. Steelix Cyber Security Consultants will design and implement comprehensive, impenetrable IT solutions, based on a strategic cyber-vulnerability and specialist cyber- risk analysis procedure, which will protect organisational assets and information, and provide collective peace of mind.


Risk and Security Management

In order to offer a balanced, maintain and enforce security policies, Steelix delivers effective management of any risks. Steelix is able to engage with multiple stakeholders ensuring risk-based best practices, performing security risk assessments, threat analysis and propose efficient resolutions aimed at reducing risk to the optimal level acceptable to organisations. Through security experience, expertise, in-depth analysis and strong research, Steelix builds mitigation plans relevant to the project it is engaged in; guiding, advising and offering quality assurance. Steelix capabilities reflect operational security expertise and intelligence capability with a global reach, supporting clients in risk and security management, giving localised solutions in a global sphere.

Risk Management

Crisis and Disaster Management

In a fast moving and unpredictable world, Steelix consultancy in crisis and disaster management, has the ability to help clients identify risk and prepare for business continuity. Corporate resilience is established through methodologies of strategic security applications, to not only facilitate smooth running during difficult and unplanned times, but establishing frameworks that give stress and trauma support to staff. In anticipating and preparing for crises, threats and risks, Steelix is able to formalise mitigation plans in response to vulnerability identification. The processes in place are implemented to manage the impact on organisations, ensuring practical and straightforward approaches ready to respond and primed for recovery.