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Kidnap for Ransom (K&R) awareness Training

Commercial: Every year there are hundreds of people kidnapped globally, with some of the highest risk countries being identified as Mexico, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Iraq. That said Kidnap for Ransom in fact presents a risk across all five continents inclusive of the off shore Maritime piracy involving the kidnap of personnel and high value shipping assets and cargo. Steelix recognises that being prepared, for such an eventuality, is paramount, and therefore offers client orientated training and awareness packages for the commercial sector. Topics covered:

Types of Commercial K&R
Key Roles
Team roles and responsibilities.
Initial Golden Hour fast track actions
Strategies: negotiation; financial; media
Final Scenario – table top exercise – to complete awareness training, and to achieve Steelix certification.

Private Sector: Whilst Kidnap in the UK is a rare occurrence, the possibility can neither be underestimated or ruled out. Steelix recognises the need for individual and families, who may be at risk, to have an awareness and comprehensive understanding of the dynamics, pitfalls and leverages if such a crime was to occur. Topics covered:

Types of Kidnap
Prevention (Target Hardening)
 Surveillance – Counter Surveillance
Key Roles within a Kidnap
Police involvement
Survival strategies if abducted
Final Scenario –  to complete awareness training, and to achieve Steelix certification.

Hostage and Crisis Negotiators Course

‘Negotiators’ are highly trained and qualified professionals operating as specialist teams within each Police force throughout the UK, and indeed across the globe. Negotiators are deployed to a wide range of incidents such as: persons in crisis; suicide intervention; armed sieges; domestic barricades; crimes in action (Kidnap); Special Forces Counter Terrorist Operations, indeed this list is not exhaustive. Negotiators not only possess exceptionally advanced communication abilities but have the skills, strategies, methodologies and techniques, that persuade, influence, facilitate behavioural change, and subsequently achieve the desired outcome in line with the negotiation strategy. Steelix Hostage and Crisis Negotiators course is designed and delivered by nationally accredited, operationally experienced, former law enforcement professionals. The aims of the course are to introduce you to the Negotiator skills, strategies and techniques that will positively enhance all areas of your life, from both a business and private perspective

Hostage and Crisis Negotiation 1

Hostile Reconnaissance Awareness Course

In line with the governmental Counter Terrorist Strategy CONTEST, Steelix is committed to ensuring a service provision to business, organisations and individuals that not only prepared them for an adverse terror incident but more critically prepare such individuals and organisations to be proactively instrumental in identification of preparatory acts of terrorism. For this reason, Steelix HRA (Hostile Reconnaissance Awareness) course is designed to equip attendees with the honed observational skills, investigative critical thinking, and the ability to identify suspicious persons, activities or items, that form key component parts of hostile reconnaissance which is the precursor to an act of terror.


Active Shooter Awareness Training

At Steelix, we take seriously trends of security breach, especially those that involve high impact casualty. The active shooter awareness training is designed to prepare both individuals and organisations, where the method or pattern is at best unpredictable in the selection of its victims. The training provided by Steelix focuses on developing situational awareness skills, offering guidance on identifying would be assailants and explaining how to best respond in a proactive manner in the case of violent events. At organisational level, Steelix offers tailor-made training that is not generic but pitched at different entries and pacing it to individual needs to achieve the learning outcomes. This enables individuals within the organisation to pro-actively look at options that lead to solutions.

Active Shooter

Mental Health Awareness Training

We at Steelix take mental health seriously and cannot over emphasize the importance of integrating its core components in corporate organisations and likewise individuals. In developing pathways and effective support for reintegration within the society, organisations can learn a lot form our specially designed course. With experts giving key knowledge framework, this can help those whom have been through trauma, furthermore, equip organisations with tools to help alleviate mental health issues within the work environment. This course is for everyone and does inform on current affairs taking into consideration to organisational strategy in performance. Mental health is for everyone including individuals who travel frequently to remote or hostile environment and will benefit from in-depth knowledge by learning what to expect when faced with unfamiliar chaos. The tangible benefits realign the corrective response in situations and forewarn person to make dynamic risk assessments. Mental health is fully promoted by Steelix and is not seen as a stigma, but the very basis of each person’s well-being in productivity and development of coping mechanisms

Mental Health 4