Protective Services

Executive Protection

Steelix provides a bespoke and comprehensive service based on our clients’ needs, giving advice and guidance in the complex and unpredictable landscape of personal security. Our operatives are equipped with knowledge and expertise best suited to accommodate the needs of our clients and provide the best level service to make sure that safety is paramount in every situation.

Hostile/Remote Location Protective Services

Steelix comprehensively understands the dynamically challenging global business landscape, and the necessity for executive/company representative deployment into hostile or remote locations across world. It is paramount therefore that business executives can conduct their affairs with complete confidence and peace of mind about their personal security, safe in the knowledge that any real or perceived threats have been minimised and or eliminated. Steelix hostile environment protective services provides intelligence lead, operationally effective, security solutions tailored to meet the individual or organisation needs of our clients.

Residential Security

Steelix is a dynamic organisation with a forward-thinking outlook that analyses the perceived threat in the current context. We are able to provide services to clients, with front line experience in threat assessment and management of the client’s residential security. Taking into account the policy and ethical standards, our operatives possess the ability to provide exceptional customer service, equipped to handle various demands/requests and respond to dynamic threats while safeguarding the interest and privacy of the client and staff working within the residence. Steelix will conduct security and threat assessment audits of the estate and make recommendations for improvement.

3 Men Residential Security Protective Services Outset

Crisis and Disaster Response

Steelix is able to respond rapidly and timely in unpredictable events, giving clients peace of mind in assisting and providing much needed solace when emergency deployment is required in a crisis or disaster. Steelix is able to analyse, evaluate and summarise complex threat information and determine the best cause of action to propagate when dealing with such scenarios. Steelix is able to work alongside supporting agencies and engage in pragmatic solutions, balancing our efforts to the provision of client’s need whilst being flexible to response to the changing landscape.


Investigation and Surveillance

Steelix investigation and surveillance services captures a myriad of roles, whether be it criminal; allegations or complaints. Steelix is able to give covert investigation and surveillance services by gathering intelligence, debriefing intelligence sources, gathering evidence and obtaining witness statements. In the execution of our services we are able to prepare confidential reports and case files that come from professional former senior police. The wealth of knowledge and experience in our investigative techniques provides the basis to analyse, assimilate and record complex yet intricate information for interpretation and advising to make informed recommendations and decisions.


Cyber Security

Steelix Cyber consultancy not only have a wealth of professional experience but pride ourselves on being at the very forefront of innovative cutting edge emerging trends and developments within the information technology arena. With protection of data and information being a number one priority to ensure business integrity and reputation, Steelix provides comprehensive cyber security solutions to meet individual and organisational need: from comprehensive data protection through to system penetrating testing and vulnerability assessments. Steelix will provide a specialist security solution that will minimise and eliminate threats, risks s and vulnerabilities.


Kidnap for Ransom Response

Businesses requiring deployment of company executives into potential hostile environments, will be prudent to consider, prepare and contingency plan for a kidnap and ransom crisis unfolding. There are numerous present day K&R global hotspots: from Mexico and Venezuela right through to the Africas and on the Philippines and Malaysia. The tremendous impact of such a crime on individuals, families, and companies cannot be underestimated due to the high stakes, and exhaustive emotions, over what may transpire to be a protracted negotiation period attempting to secure the safe release of the person, individuals or asset. Steelix K&R response straddles the three main areas of our service delivery: Kidnap for Ransom awareness/avoidance training for individuals, and or companies operating in identified host spot zones (Training and Development); Steelix K&R consultancy to explain and walk clients through operational Planning, strategies and methodologies should a situation unfold (Consultancy) K&R response – operational deployment of experienced consultants to advise, manage and facilitate effective negotiations to secure the safe release of the individual/s or asset being utilised as monetary leverage  (Protective Services).